Registered Charity Number 1026190

Three Bears Playgroup

We are open Monday to Friday for 38 weeks a year (term time).

 Children can attend morning, afternoon sessions, full days or a combination

Mornings   9.00 -12.00
 Afternoons 12.30 - 3.30
 Full Day  9.00 - 3.00/3.30

We are registered to accept government funding.

From the term after their 3rd birthday all children are entitled to the universal 15 hours of government funding.

Children may be entitled to a further 15 hours of government funding (a total of 30 hours funding). Information for 30 hours childcare can be found on the HMRC Childcare Choices website

We also accept 2 year old government funding. Please see your local Children's Centre for eligibility.

Sessions can also be paid for and our hourly rate is £4.24  

A morning or afternoon session is £12.72 and a full day is £25.44/ 27.56.

We accept Employer Childcare Vouchers and HMRC Tax Free Childcare